Constantine Elijah is a film, photography and performance artist. In his works, he is holding a conversation with simplicity. It is a quiet observation of daily life in its smallest details, processed through the personal experience of reality.

In his practice, Elijah is giving a preference to black and white images. Though, colour is also invited into this conversation.

The artist’s main interest is exploring emotions and translating them into image.

Elijah is discovering abilities of motion photography through expanding of the digital collage idea within the video. His work’s aesthetics include elements of geometric abstraction, formalism and minimalism.

Elijah believes that contemporary life is overloaded with special effects, artificial expression and strong reactions. In his works, he is appreciating life by recording it with video or audio devices. Some personal and emotional experience is being expressed through the filmed performance.

Filmed performance for him is a naive version of pantomime, comic performance or a brutal expression. With his works the artist states that it is enough to express himself through a minimum set of tools. Honesty and emotions are strong enough to be understood by themselves.

Another field of his interest, simple shapes coloured with simple colours, puts some contrast into his practice. This separate direction in his practice is another side of the conversation with simplicity. It brought an additional layer to his audio-video composition.

His works employ cinematographic aesthetics for structuring the composition.

Exploring the simplicity of everyday life Elijah builds a spiritual field where emotional comfort is present.

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