An observational extraction of a journey. During last four years, in every journey, the camera has never been put away. Any moment what kept the attention was memorised. No any script was created until the moment of editing. This film includes the most repetitive patterns, such as a view through the window or details of the train or bus interior. Any bright memory is worth to be archived and shared in believe, that it might sparkle someone’s inspiration.


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With this work, I am appreciating the simplicity in the human behaviour. The mix of naivety, trustworthy, simplicity and minimalism has made this work.



From the deep unhappiness through the emotional break to the bright decision. 
This film reflects the state of my mind at my breaking point.


creating cavespace

I made a film for one gallery crowdfunding campaign. I used the simplicity of the documentary language to provide the main idea and purity of the founder's emotions.

More about the campaign here: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/cavespace


Red Circle Collective

Last year in December I worked together with Andrew Stevenson. We created a series of films based on abstract principles. When two art practices are becoming the one.
In these films I used originals from my fellow artist and completed them using my abstract film experience.

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