self-doc film submission call-out

For the future event happening within Cavecinema you are invited to submit a film. Please follow the link for further details and submission https://filmfreeway.com/self-doc

The facebook event could be found here


Perfect Student screening in London

The new is long forgotten old! 
On that that note I'm happy to announce that my film The Perfect Student is back to the screen. It is taking a part in MicroActs 5, Artist Film Screening.
Thu, 28 March 2019
19:00 – 23:00 GMT
Hotel Elephant
5 Spare Street
SE17 3EP
Please, book your ticket here: http://bit.ly/2F9dap5


Blue T Shirt

The film Blue T Shirt is an observation of the director's mental state during filming. Applying for this course Constantine originally proposed to make a documentary about his experience of adult ADHD. But when he approached filming, he entered a period of depression. Experiencing this made it impossible for him to isolate his ADHD from his broader emotions. ‘Blue T Shirt’ is his attempt to understand what was happening, and to share his experience of raw emotions with his audience. Constantine made it in the form of a diary, because he felt this would be perfect for observing himself. It reflects rather than shapes. The film will be on screen on 6 December 2018 during LCC Postgraduate Shows 2018, 5-8 December 2018



An observational extraction of a journey. During last four years, in every journey, the camera has never been put away. Any moment what kept the attention was memorised. No any script was created until the moment of editing. This film includes the most repetitive patterns, such as a view through the window or details of the train or bus interior. Any bright memory is worth to be archived and shared in believe, that it might sparkle someone’s inspiration.


06 (Sequence 001)

This is the sixth episode from my work 'Sequence 001'. In full it was screened as my graduation work for my BA Fine Art degree at The Cass, London Metropolitan University, in summer 2017.


Untitled 1

With this work, I am appreciating the simplicity in the human behaviour. The mix of naivety, trustworthy, simplicity and minimalism has made this work.



From the deep unhappiness through the emotional break to the bright decision. 
This film reflects the state of my mind at my breaking point.


creating cavespace

I made a film for one gallery crowdfunding campaign. I used the simplicity of the documentary language to provide the main idea and purity of the founder's emotions.

More about the campaign here: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/cavespace

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